After the Storytime is designed to expand on your child’s experience during our Twos Together Storytime.  It includes activities, research and booklists to help you develop Early Literacy Skills with your child.


talkTake a walk outside with your toddler near sunset.  Talk about the changes in the sky like the colors, amount of light, and stars appearing. Talk about other things that happen when day turns to night, such as lights turning on in houses, getting ready for bed, and what can’t be seen after dark.


Music can be used before bedtime to help calm little bodies and get them ready to sleep.  The Library carries many lullaby CD’s both traditional and non-traditional so check them out and see if one appeals to your child.


Try to read aloud at least 15 minutes each day, even if it happens in 5 minute increments.  Reading to a child who won’t sit still is challenging, but not impossible.  Here are some tips on what to read, when to read and how to read to a running toddler.


Early writing is scribbling, drawing and painting.  Make time for art during your day and find a space where your child can get messy and creative.  At this age, it’s about the process, not the final product!


If your child has a favorite book that you read at bedtime, try acting the story out with puppet and toys after reading it aloud.  Let your child take a part or see if they can tell you the story by heart!