Romantic comedies are a huge staple of pop culture, both in movies and in books. Most of them feature men and women falling in love, often enemies whose feelings change, or best friends who never knew they loved each other. But what about everyone else? Those who don’t identify as heterosexual or cisgender? Queer rom coms haven’t quite broken into the movie scene yet, but more and more queer rom com books are being published each year. Here are some excellent reads to get you started.


Red, White, and Royal Blueby Casey McQuiston – Alex is the president’s son, and the perfect millennial poster boy for his family. When someone snaps a photo of him arguing with his rival, Prince Henry of Wales, his image is in need of some damage control. In order to keep peace between the two countries, Alex and Henry are forced to stage a fake friendship. As they spend more time together, they get to know one another, and develop feelings for each other.  If their secret relationship is out in the open, it could ruin both nations. But what if it could work? What if it’s exactly what they need?

Something to Talk Aboutby Meryl Wilsner – Jo is a Hollywood hot shot, with her career shining bright before her. When she makes her assistant, Emma, laugh on the red carpet at a huge event, someone snaps a photo and the tabloids start a rumor that the two are a couple. With the supposed scandal threatening both Emma’s promotion and Jo’s new movie, the two are faced with new challenges. They are subject to gossip, the paparazzi, being treated differently, and all the while an anonymous source keeps leaking information. As the two women start spending more time together, they discover that there might be more to the rumors than just speculation. But is it worth fanning the flames of gossip to find true love?

Written in the Starsby Alexandria Bellefleur – Darcy is uptight, analytical, and skeptical. Her brother is obsessed with finding her true love, and sets her up on tons of blind dates. When she gets fed up with this, she lies about her disastrous date with Elle, a free spirited astrologist, telling him that it went well. When Elle finds out, Darcy begs her to pretend they are dating, at least for a little while. Elle agrees, but only if Darcy will help her deal with her complicated family over the holidays, and their deal ends on New Year’s Eve. As the two spend more and more time together, they find that opposites really do attract, and their fake relationship becomes real.


You can find these three books, and a list with more queer rom coms by clicking here.