CMBCL librarian reading a book to school children. Text reading: "You make the future of your community libraries possible!"

A letter from Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries’ Executive Director Peter Leonard.

Planning for the Future of Service at Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries

Dear Library Friend,

What is a library? Is it bookshelves surrounded by walls? Is it a website that houses a catalog? Is it list of titles? Or is it people? We at CMBCL believe that libraries are a community of people with a mission. As a member of the Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries Association, you are one of those people.

You share our mission to offer intellectual freedom, personal empowerment and access to knowledge to every neighbor every day. You continually support our mission to foster literacy, curiosity, and connection. You help create the libraries.

You’ve no doubt met some of your partners in this mission. Like, the librarians who visit more schools each year and speak to more children, the CMBCL staff working our booth at more community events, and the growing number of volunteers who help in every area of the libraries.

You’ve been on this mission with us for some time and we are so grateful that you continue to expand the libraries with us. You’ve given us the power to develop new outreach relationships, provide more services and support more readers. You are one of the reasons that people see libraries as community hubs.

As we head in to the next few years, we are developing a 3-year plan to better serve that role. In fact, you may have taken part in developing this plan by responding to our survey that asked:

“What does our community want from their libraries?”

The libraries’ 3-year plan is the result of looking at:

  • What our community members need and expect from their libraries
  • How the libraries can meet those needs and exceed expectations

The plan’s goals are centered around you, your family, friends and neighbors along with how we can be the kind of libraries that you want and need.

Your donations will make it possible to implement the plan to:

  • Optimize patron access to materials and content
  • Support and empower staff and volunteers to advocate for the needs of community members
  • Connect the community and foster engagement by building resilient outreach relationships
  • Enhance welcome and accessible spaces

So you can see why your membership is so essential! As our community grows and changes, so will its’ needs. I know that we can count on you to plan for the future with us. I know that you value creating libraries, together. Click the “Give Now” button below to make your gift and be part of the libraries’ future.

With gratitude,

Peter Leonard

Peter Leonard, Executive Director

P.S. Creating a library is a community effort. Thank you for being part of the plan!

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“Thanks for being our favorite library.  We treasure you.” —Michael Z.

“THANK YOU for the awesome service you provide to the community!” —Marcia K.

“My daughters and I love the library! Thank you for all the programs, services, and great recommendations!” —Amanda M.