We are so fortunate to have friends like you. Peter Leonard, CMBCLA Executive Director

Dear Library Friend,

We are so fortunate to have friends like you.
You keep the libraries open and viable because you borrow the books, movies, audio books, games, online materials and other items we offer to enjoy and enrich your life. You engage and participate in library programs because you love to learn and grow. You donate because you know that the libraries cannot operate without your help.

Thanks to you, your libraries are so much more than a place to check out books. They are places where our community can connect, grow, learn and thrive. Thanks to your past gifts, they are also a hub for outreach to schools, daycares and senior communities.
I know that you are a fervent supporter of libraries because you are the kind of person who believes that bringing people together to learn is the best way to build a successful and vibrant community. I know that you give because you believe in helping your community.

We’ve worked tirelessly to adapt and evolve our services to meet the changing needs of our patrons.

This includes training staff in:

  • Resource guidance for housing, food insecurity and mental health.
  • Issues faced by vulnerable communities.
  • Adapting our collection to serve a greater diversity of people.

But we can’t do any of this without your help.

The gift that you offer today will provide the stability we need to continue to serve our community.
It is all about continuing, and even increasing, your support for the library—an essential institution in our communities.

Can we count on you?

The gift that you give today will go toward:

  • Helping enrich the lives of our youngest learners. Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries are committed to students throughout our community, and this year we issued over 13,000 new library cards to local students. Research has shown that students with library cards do better in school, and their new cards will allow them to access all of our e-books and online research tools as well as physical materials.
  • Expanding our outreach and partnerships with local schools and delivering books and resource information to even more preschools and daycares.
  • Funding programs and life-changing resource assistance for community members.
  • Ensuring our patrons have unfettered access to the internet both inside and outside of our building. We’ve already increased the number of devices and hotspots we have available to lend, upgrading and extending our WiFi access and increasing our bandwidth to better serve the community.

Your gifts have made your libraries more accessible. You make it possible to say “Libraries are for everyone!”

Your financial support is extremely important this year as we deal with additional expenses of the pandemic and reduced income from the cancellation of late fees. Your generosity and patronage has kept us going and you are essential in helping the libraries serve our communities as a living resource.

That’s why I am asking you to increase your annual gift. If you can give more, I would be very grateful. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to serve you.
With gratitude,

Peter Leonard

Peter Leonard, Executive Director

P.S. Your gift makes it possible to offer resources to everyone in our shared community. Together we make progress accessible to all!

Signing up for monthly recurring giving is the best way to pledge continuing support for your libraries and make a difference right here in your community.

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Questions about supporting your libraries? Contact cmldevelopment@wccls.org or (503) 644-0043 x121.

“Thanks for being our favorite library.  We treasure you.” —Michael Z.

“THANK YOU for the awesome service you provide to the community!” —Marcia K.

“My daughters and I love the library! Thank you for all the programs, services, and great recommendations!” —Amanda M.