After the Storytime is designed to expand on your child’s experience during our Twos Together Storytime.  It includes activities, research and booklists to help you develop Early Literacy Skills with your child.


talkTake an autumn walk and talk about the changes in the seasons.  Help your child notice the changes in temperature and weather and talk about how that affects what they wear and how they play.  Also on your walk, look for squirrels and see if you can find acorns, apples, corn or birdseed, just like the squirrel in The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri!


“Music has a power that goes beyond words. Sharing music builds pleasurable connections between parent and child as sounds and rhythms surround the child in a world of sensations and feelings. Music also offers a joyful and rewarding learning experience and nurtures a child’s imagination and creativity. Learn about how music supports all areas of young children’s development.”

readIntroduce your child to fiction and non-fiction books about fall.  Remember, a book doesn’t have to be read word for word.  You can look at the pictures and talk about what is happening or make up your own story as you go!


Make leaf rubbings with your child.  Gather a variety of leaves (avoid ones that are already dried out), white paper, and crayons with the paper peeled off.  Tape the leaf to a table and tape the paper over the leaf.  Show your child how to use the side of the crayon to rub on the paper.  The shape and texture of the leaf will be revealed!


Crunchy leaves, smooth apples and dimply pumpkins, Fall is full of textures! Give your child the chance to play with different types of textures and help them learn new ways of talking about the world.