Explore Cedar Mill & Bethany Library’s staff favorites of 2020!

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Words of Wiser: Staff Picks Podcast

Four staff members at our libraries discuss their favorite reads and media from 2020. We also share some favorites from other staff members who couldn’t join us. Add some great choices to your ‘to read’ pile after listening to this conversation.



Best Fiction Books
Favorite Adult Fiction

Our favorite fiction transported us from the distant past, both real and imagined, to the far future. It immersed us in the lives of ghosts, and detectives, and PhD candidates. It thrilled us with magical moments and resonant reality.
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Favorite Nonfiction Titles

Favorite Adult Nonfiction

Our favorite nonfiction found us connecting with the inner lives of others, reading about resiliency, and dusting off skills.
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Bethanys Staff Favorites

Bethany Library Staff Favorites for Adults

2020 has been an interesting year, but despite all the weirdness, we all read some really great books! Here is a list of some our favorite things we read this year.
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Favorite Music, Movies & TV

Many of us have shifted our media habits at least partially to streaming, so our favorites are a mix of links and library items.
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Bethany's Favorite Kids Books

Bethany Library Staff Favorites for Kids
These are the top picks our staff has read in children’s literature this year. Please request and enjoy!
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Favorite Kids, Tweens & Teens

Favorites for Kids, Tweens & Teens

Discover delightful picture books, marvelous middle grade books, and excellent teen reads!
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Favorite Games and Graphic Novels
Favorite Games & Graphic Novels

These are the games and graphic novels we found most diverting this year. The titles are a bit of a mix, so we’ve added suggested audience ages at the beginning of most blurbs.
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