This is the time of year that gets me thinking about mazes and labyrinths. I enjoy a day trip out to Sauvie Island to navigate the impenetrable puzzles rendered from tall and browned-out corn. Mazes and labyrinths are ancient spiritual symbols, representing a meandering but purposeful path to our center, and then back out to the world. Not only sublime, mazes have been used as instruments of terror… hearken back to Jack Nicholson shambling through the hedge maze in the horror classic The Shining. Whatever meaning mazes hold for you, here are a few items from our collection you might enjoy:

Green hedge mazeMagical Paths: Labyrinths and Mazes in the 21st Century by Jeff Saward.

This book captures the beauty of mazes from around the world with breathtaking photography, as well as paintings and prints. Revel in the different materials used, including mirrors, water, turf and maize. Explore how these ancient symbols can support and enhance meditation and spirituality in the modern world.

Round hedge maze

Labyrinths & Mazes by Jürgen Hohmuth.

Enjoy the aerial photos of European labyrinths & mazes, which were taken with the camera suspended from a small dirigible! Learn the difference between the two – mazes contain false and meandering paths, while a labyrinth has a single path leading to the center. Short essays cover the history, construction, uses and meanings of these fascinating creations.