The History of Cats in 101 ObjectsMeow! Library Cat here again to suggest a new book for you humans to read that will hopefully end in more food and/or petting for us cats, which is always the overarching feline aim. Well, that and a warm place to take a nap. To that end, behold The History of Cats in 101 Objects from Media Lab Books, which takes a fully illustrated look at the titular objects, some historical, some contemporary and a number focused on the aforementioned locations for a cat nap.

From our first official taxonomic placement in the Systema Naturae as felis catus (which, you gotta admit, sounds awesome in Latin) to Lucky Cat, cat glasses and cat ears, Frank Lloyd Wright’s mid-century modern cat house (also awesome) to the endlessly attractive keyboard of a laptop with poor heat dissipation – this book has it all.

Since I am authorized by the Cat Council to speak for the collective, we’re all especially fond of all the mundane objects detailed and photographed within. Humans may buy us expensive themed and/or endorsed by a “celebrity” cat beds and accessories, and yet we’re just as likely to be found in a grocery bag happy as clams. Also any surface climbable and/or openable. Who knew a cardboard paper towel tube could distract us enough to free you humans up to make coffee in the morning? Truly a marvel of cardboard science.

If any of this appeals to you, place a hold on The History of Cats in 101 Objects today, and wear a pair of cat ears in celebration of how great cats are!

– Library Cat