Soon quite a few of us will be embarking on what is often the culinary masterpiece of the year, Thanksgiving. There are a wide variety of feelings toward the preparation of that feast. Joy. Dread. Excitement. Panic.

Power Plates book coverHowever you feel about that monstrous roasted bird with all the trimmings, one thing is guaranteed, after all the leftovers are gone, you’re going to need dinner again. You might hate preparing the big holiday meal, but chances are you want a home cooked meal at least a few times a week. And after that glutinous long weekend, you might be craving something a bit healthier.

Here’s my answer: Power Plates by Gina Hamshaw. Every recipe I’ve made has been seriously outstanding. No joke! Outstanding! The author is a certified nutritionist, so I can also say, every recipe has seemed pretty healthy, too. Indulgent, rich, flavorful, surprising, but also nourishing and nutritious.

Furthermore, the book is entirely vegan. Last year I made a dish that was: one stick of butter, one quart of half and half, and an extremely generous portion of parmesan cheese. Oh, and it had a bit of spinach in it, too. After that one, a little break from dairy didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Whether you have a raucous celebration or a quiet afternoon for the holiday, consider taking Power Plates home soon. If you do, every day will feel like a holiday.

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