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Staff Picks 2022

December 9, 2022|Comments Off on Staff Picks 2022

Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries staff share their favorites of the year - everything from books to movies, games to podcasts. Browse our lists [...]

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Our Favorites of 2021

December 28, 2021|Comments Off on Our Favorites of 2021

We played, we listened, we watched, and obviously we read. Here are our staff favorites from the year 2021! Bethany Staff Favorites Cedar Mill Staff's [...]

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What Staff are Reading

July 15, 2021|Comments Off on What Staff are Reading

When asked to share what they are reading (or have recently finished reading) staff at both the Cedar Mill & Bethany Libraries had a lot [...]

Three on a Theme: Pregnancy

June 10, 2021|Comments Off on Three on a Theme: Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a weird and amazing time. Growing a little human is incredible, but also scary and hard on your body. Some women experience hard [...]