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Get A Lamp Fixed At the Library? Repair Fair February 2nd

January 16, 2019|0 Comments

Join your neighbors for coffee and a chance to get that broken lamp (or whatever) fixed at the Repair Fair. It’s a free event that bring volunteers who like to fix things together with people who have broken items that need fixing. Saturday from 1 pm until 4 pm in the Conference Room upstairs.

  • Teen girl with a Girl Power shirt standing in front of the US Capitol

The Woman Warrior

December 28, 2018|0 Comments

Kingston is a girl living among ghosts in The Woman Warrior. She is a Chinese, American, female immigrant working to separate fantasy from reality after growing up with so many tales.

  • Paperback Crush: The Totally Radical History of '80s and '90s Teen Fiction

Paperback Crush: ’80s and ’90s Teen Paperbacks

November 29, 2018|Comments Off on Paperback Crush: ’80s and ’90s Teen Paperbacks

Sweet Valley High. The Baby-Sitters Club. Cheerleaders and Gymnasts and Junior High. There's a Bat in Bunk Five, Boys Are Yucko and Is There Life [...]

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Thanksgiving Recovery Plan

November 19, 2018|Comments Off on Thanksgiving Recovery Plan

Soon quite a few of us will be embarking on what is often the culinary masterpiece of the year, Thanksgiving. There are a wide variety [...]

  • Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything

Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything

November 15, 2018|Comments Off on Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything

"A steampunk's dream come true, the 'galvanic spectacles' from circa 1905 had dark green lenses and a plastic frame concealing a secondary, metal frame underneath [...]

The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters

October 23, 2018|Comments Off on The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters

Meet the Bland Sisters Jaundice and Kale, reluctant protagonists of their first unintentional adventure The Jolly Regina by Kara LaReau and Jen Hill.

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Time to Enter a Halloween Maze…

October 1, 2018|Comments Off on Time to Enter a Halloween Maze…

Mazes and labyrinths are ancient spiritual symbols, representing a meandering but purposeful path to our center, and then back out to the world.

  • In Between film still

Film Club: In Between (Israel)

September 26, 2018|Comments Off on Film Club: In Between (Israel)

IN BETWEEN  is a remarkable debut film that follows three strong and independent-minded Palestinian women who share an apartment in Tel Aviv. Away from the [...]

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