Notes to consider in clarifying question:

  1. Hillsboro “Library Of Things” has LCD projectors for checkout. Devices that plug into computers and shine onto screens, for showing of electronic files like PowerPoint. Looking more like this:
  2. “Overhead projector” used to mean “I want to show transparencies”. (Devices looking something like this: Strictly analog, no output to computer, only light to a screen.
  3. For some years, there have been hybrid machines, called “visual presenters“, or just “LCD presenters” that either use an illuminated glass platen or actually have cameras pointing down to show 3d objects. A sales person at Bit-By-Bit told me that these items are getting more rare and expensive to request (used mostly in legal presentations)
  4. Patrons should check with venue first. Many event venues (hotels, meeting rooms, etc.) have projectors for rent, and in some cases do not allow other equipment to be brought in. Some libraries may have equipment; Cedar Mill only has a screen for public use; in general, meeting room users must arrange for their own AV.

Computer Rentals – including LCD projectors

AV-Tech Computer & Audio Visual : 3300 NW 185th Ave # 233, Portland, OR 97229

Equipment only; no service, no onsite computers.

Closest to Cedar Mill; other vendors in Yellow Pages (

Slide Projectors

As of June 2016, very rare. Checked Blue Moon Camera, Advanced Camera (Beaverton), Camera Solutions (Portland), Pro Photo Supply (Portland), with no luck.

Overhead projectors – possible options

Updated 9/14/2017