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Ebooks and Audiobooks in Libby

Read ebooks and listen to audiobooks instantly on your phone, computer, or tablet using the Libby app from Overdrive. Learn how on YouTube.

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Streaming video for all ages at Kanopy

Streaming Video from Kanopy

Access over 30,000 streaming movies and documentaries with your library card. Now with more credits and credit-free titles.

New York Times, Guardian UK and more with Digital Newspapers and Magazines

Digital Newspapers and Magazines

Read newspapers from around the world and in other languages with Digital Newsstand.
Get enhanced access to the New York Times with your library card.
Create an account at, then go to to pick up your 72-hour pass.

Online homework help, articles, videos, and much more all with your library card.

Homework Help for Kids and Teens

Online homework help, articles, technology learning, videos, and much more all with your library card.

All Online Resources at WCCLS

Research and Learning Tools from WCCLS

Find reliable sources for research, homework and lifelong learning anytime! Learn a language, take a tutorial, research careers, find an article, watch a documentary, and much, much more.

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