Select Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00 pm

The Nature Mobile brings the environment to the Cedar Mill & Bethany Libraries! Each visit will feature new ways for your child to explore the exciting role nature has in their lives. Your children will get to touch, smell, and see new things that will spark their imagination and grow their awareness of the world. Drop in and discover nature’s diversity! Ages 5 and up.

Mammal Mania
April 10 – Cedar Mill | April 24 – Bethany
Discover animals big and small as we examine their bones and pelts to figure out how their adaptations help them survive in the wild. Investigate the interactions between predators and their prey.

Woody Wood Ducks
May 8 – Cedar Mill | May 22 – Bethany
From nesting in trees to swimming in ponds, learn how to recognize one of the most colorful ducks in the world, the Wood Duck, next time you see one in your neighborhood park.