Look outside your window…do you see science?  Science is all around us, and the weather outside is often one of the first concepts children learn. Because weather affects what children can do every day, they are aware of it and eager to know more. Here are some ideas on how to make learning about the weather fun!


Make a simple weather wheel, like this one to track the daily weather (Crafting Chicks blog). Talk about what each section means and how it looks outside, then move the arrow to reflect what you see.


There are many well written children’s books about weather, both fiction and nonfiction! We’ve come up with a list of our favorites but we’re always able to find more, especially if your child shows interest in a particular part of the weather (like clouds or snow).  For more ideas, fill out a Handpicked Books form and we’ll pull some titles just for your child based on their age and interests!

Science Outside Your Window: Weather! booklist


Just like a real meteorologist, you and your child can record observations and talk about weather patterns. Create a daily weather chart like this one and learn about the weather together (PBS KIDS).  Make connections for your child between their weather notes and the climate in your area. For example, “We had four days of rain this week. Spring is a very rainy season.”

Ask questions as you observe, like “How does today’s weather make you feel?” Find other ways to explore with this activity (PBS Kids).

Finally, check out these DIY science activities to explore more (OMSI).