colorful socks hanging on clothing lineWhere do socks go when they fail to show?  If the lost sock could talk would it tell us where it walked?  Why do they get lost by themselves, never in pairs?  Why is the lost sock always from the pair you wanted to wear?  Why, oh why, do socks like to strike out on their own?

May 9 is “National Lost Sock Memorial Day” Celebrate lost socks the week of May 9-15 by playing our Lost Sock game, available all day in the library. Remember favorite missing footwear and read some stories about socks.

Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? by Eve Bunting: When Duck loses his pair of brand new blue socks he asks Mr. Fox and Mr. Ox  and his friends the Peacocks if they have seen them.  Then Duck makes a happy discovery.

Duck Sock Hop by Jane Kohuth: Dancing ducks and decorated socks meet once a week for a wild sock hop.  And when the dance ends and the socks are worn out? Make a visit to the Duck Sock Shop to get ready for the next sock hop.

Dirty Joe, the Pirate: a True Story by Bill Harley: Dirty Joe is a sock-stealing scallywag who meets his match, Stinky Annie.  She and her crew like to steal underpants.  When they meet on the high seas, the battle is on for undergarments until Joe and Annie recognize each other from somewhere!

Where’s My Sock?  by Joyce Dunbar: Pippin is missing his yellow sock with clocks and Tog offers to help him look. They embark on a “serious sock hunt” with a funny result.

A Pair of Socks by Stuart J. Murphy: A lonely sock is looking for its’ mate and searches the house trying to find it. With some help from a puppy things are put right. A perfect title to introduce the concept of matching to preschoolers.

New Socks by Bob Shea: The first picture book by the talented Bob Shea.  Chicken gets a new pair of orange socks which change his world. Take a peek at the funny film clip of those orange socks on Bob Shea’s website.
-Ginny W.