Cedar Mill Community Library Association Privacy Statement
Approved by the CMCLA Board March 19, 2019

Our commitment to your privacy and confidentiality

The Cedar Mill Community Library Association (CMCLA) including its Libraries, Resale Shop and Association take steps to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your library records and other personally identifiable information we collect. Our commitment to your privacy and confidentiality is based in the ethics of librarianship and protected by state law. According to the American Library Association Code of Ethics, “[w]e protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.” In addition, state law (ORS 192.502(23)) protects your library records from disclosure if a member of the public or the media requests them. Library records include your circulation records, your name together with your address or telephone number, and your email address.

By choosing to submit your name, email address, mailing address or phone number in order to receive library services (such as registering for a library card, requests for assistance via email, submitting Program Proposals or Purchase Requests, or being added to an email list), you are consenting to give us your personally identifiable information. We will keep this information confidential and will not sell, license or disclose it to any third party, except those parties WCCLS has contracted with, or except as required by law. For information about the ways third parties may use or disclose your information, see below.

Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries and CMCLA are part of the Washington County Cooperative Library Services consortium which has a comprehensive privacy policy regarding shared services. Library records are maintained by the county consortium. For more information on county records rules and protections, see https://www.wccls.org/about/wccls-privacy-statement

Your Responsibilities

Please notify your library immediately if your card is lost or stolen, or if you think someone is using your library card without your permission. When you get a library card, or create accounts with our third party vendor services, you should create unique passwords and protect them for your privacy and security. It is your responsibility to read the Privacy Policies and Terms of Use for third party service vendors used by WCCLS, and you may choose not to use them.

Web Privacy

The CMBCL website and related services use cookies to collect anonymized traffic data to help make our site more useful to visitors, and to learn about the number of visitors to our site and the types of technology our visitors use.
Some of the applications or external sites that you may link to from our pages, devices or equipment also use cookies. For more information on the use of cookies by each service, please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for the services you use. You may set the preferences in your web browser to refuse cookies or to tell you when a cookie is being sent. This may result in an inability to access some library services.

Third Party Services

In addition to the services provided by WCCLS, the Association website utilizes several additional providers. For more information on these third party services, and the specific types of data that may be gathered and disclosed by each service, please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for the services you use. For your convenience, links to CMBCL-only vendors’ policies are provided here. You may choose to not use these third party services if you do not accept their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies; please read them carefully.

Illegal activity is prohibited and not protected

Library users may conduct only legal activity while using library resources and services. Nothing in this policy prevents Cedar Mill & Bethany Libraries from exercising our right to protect our facilities, network and equipment from harm, or prevent the use of our libraries’ services or equipment for illegal purposes. The library can electronically log activity to monitor its public computers and external access to its network and reserves the right to review such logs when a violation of law or our policy is suspected. Staff is authorized to take immediate action to protect the security of library patrons, staff, facilities, computers and the network. This includes contacting law enforcement authorities and providing information that may identify the individual(s) suspected of a violation, or to report suspected child abuse or neglect under Oregon’s mandatory reporting law (ORS 419B).