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  • colorful shapes

Play & Learn: Shapes and Patterns

August 23, 2016|0 Comments

Before kids learn to read and write, they must recognize shapes and distinguish between patterns. Then they can tackle letter recognition and start distinguishing between letters like [...]

Add A Dash of Daring to Your Summer

August 20, 2016|0 Comments

Sometimes adults forget that summer is the best time for kids to finally be able to focus on things like how to make a go-cart; spy [...]

  • girl peeking out of window

Play and Learn: Building Forts and More

August 18, 2016|0 Comments

If you need an excuse to build a fort in your living room, you can relax. Building a fort in your home is educational! According to [...]

  • baby sitting in leaves

Fall Storytimes at Cedar Mill Libraries

August 18, 2016|0 Comments

Storytimes at Cedar Mill Libraries begin the week of September 12! Our storytime sessions are specifically designed for your child’s developmental stage with stories, songs, [...]

  • fire ant

It’s a Weird, Wild, (and Gross!) World

August 15, 2016|0 Comments

Masters of Disguise, Zombie Makers, and When Lunch Fights Back by Rebecca Johnson are full of “WOW!” moments. A bug that builds a corpse pyramid of ants on its back as olfactory camouflage! A chick that mimics the wriggle of a poisonous caterpillar until it gets the all clear from mom!

  • headphones

Make It An Audiobook!

August 11, 2016|0 Comments

Whether you're traveling or staying home in August, be sure audiobooks make it on your reading list- not only because they are an entertaining alternative [...]

Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home

August 4, 2016|0 Comments

Have you spotted any ladybugs this summer?  Ladybugs are not really bugs but beetles. There are 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world.  Farmers [...]

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