It’s your community, your library. Volunteer.

The Libraries’ mission is to promote lifelong learning and to provide materials and information services for the Cedar Mill/Bethany community. CMCLA has been fulfilling that mission for over 40 years, thanks to thousands of volunteers. You can be one of them.

Apply online or on paper (Print the PDF).

Interested in volunteering for our Summer Reading Program? Learn more and apply on our Teen Volunteers page.

Are you a teen and want to get involved? Apply here.

What’s your talent? Share it.

Volunteers work for every department in the library and our Second Edition Resale Shop. Most jobs require that applicants are at least 14 years old and can commit to a two-hour shift once a week for six months. Where you can help?

Volunteers in Action

Let’s Take This Outside

Inside of a library are lots of books to befriend. But what if you can’t get to a library? Thanks to library outreach volunteers, readers of all ages can enjoy the library’s treasures, even if they can’t get to the library.

  • Video Clip of Volunteers At Library

Volunteers Are Awesome! See how in this quick video

Our wonderful volunteers are busy bringing you new books this morning. Look at them go!