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Teen Book Review: Roar

December 5, 2017|Categories: Reviews, Spotlight - Teens|

Aurora Paven was born for greatness, unfortunately she is missing the only thing that would make her invaluable, storm magic. As a solution to her problems, a proposal to a Stormling prince is called for.

Teen Book Review: Blood Rose Rebellion

November 28, 2017|Categories: Reviews, Spotlight - Teens|

In the book Blood Red Rebellion, Anna has always been an outcast in the British society. She has never been able to cast any spells, not even the simple ones. This has caused her to gain attention from the magical elite, a group of the highest magical power. Sometimes she breaks the spells which has confused her.

Teen Book Review: Tash Hearts Tolstoy

November 14, 2017|Categories: Reviews, Spotlight - Teens|

Tash Zelenka is a teenage girl with a passion for film making. Alongside her friends, she is deep into directing a modern day web series adaptation of Anna Karenina, As Tash struggles to produce content, keep her friendships, find love, and accept herself for who she is, she must decide what is truly important and what really makes her happy.

Teen Book Review: Odd & True

September 29, 2017|Categories: Reviews, Spotlight - Teens, Teens|

Odette has spun mystical, magical tales for her younger sister Trudchen ever since they were little. Now that she’s older, however, Tru is starting to lose the magic from these stories. She’s realizing that they were nothing more than just that, stories.

Teen Book Review: Graceling

July 21, 2017|Categories: Reviews, Spotlight - Teens|

Imagine yourself in a world where some people are known as Gracelings. People who possess extreme skills ranging from opening your mouth as big as your head to being able to read other people’s minds. Imagine what it would be to be a Graceling,when your eyes settle into 2 different colors and you become the property of the King from birth. What would that life be like?.....

Teen Book Review: Girl on the Plane

July 7, 2017|Categories: Reviews, Spotlight - Teens|

The book follows 15 year old Anna, as her plane gets hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in order to get their own hostages released. Anna and the other passengers must endure food and water deprivation as well as rigged explosives during their ordeal as chaos swirls around them.

Teen Book Review: Grit

June 26, 2017|Categories: Reviews, Spotlight - Teens|

No on can deny that Darcy Prentiss has a reputation. She's been with nearly every guy in town. But now, this reputation is coming back to bite her. All she hears around town are whispers of what happened that one Fourth of July with Shea Gaines.