Author: Sherri L. Smith

Genre: Realistic fiction, mystery

Age Recommendation: 14+

Date Published: Sept. 2016

Rating: 3/5

Maggie Kim was the mysterious friend, always seeing someone new and involved in some new drama. In other words, exactly what Jude needed to spice up her mundane and goody-two-shoes life. Maggie has always been there for Jude, until suddenly, she’s found dead in her family’s glamorous California swimming pool. Now Jude must find a new support system among Maggie’s odd group of friends, not all of whom are who they appear to be. In fact, no one is quite as they seem in Jude’s eyes, as she strongly believes that Maggie’s “suicide” actually involved foul play. Will Jude uncover something sinister underneath the high school drama or will she have to face her biggest fear: that the magnificent Maggie Kim actually did commit suicide?

I am a big fan of realistic fiction and mysteries, so I enjoyed this book… at first. Eventually the dramatic style got a bit old and the edgy-ness started feeling a bit forced, like the author was trying to be deep, but missing the mark. I liked the mystery and how it was resolved, along with the difficult subjects Smith handled quite well. The characters are well developed and realistic for the most part. Overall, I liked this book a lot and I would recommend it, as long as you don’t mind rolling your eyes a bit at a book that takes it self a little too seriously.


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