Author: Courtney Carbone

Genre: Shakespeare retelling

Age Recommendation: Middle school and up

Date published: January 2016

Rating: 1/5

Everyone knows of Shakespeare and his famous plays. Due to the age, length, and subject matter of them, though, they can be a little inaccessible to younger and modern readers. This story helps bring the Shakespeare classic Macbeth into the modern age. By using texting, social media, emojis, and other modern forms of communication, Carbone brings a classic to people of all ages. Much of the original story is preserved, but with modern language and modern technology.

Personally, I was not a huge fan of this book. I don’t normally like Shakespeare and sometimes have trouble following the story, so I hoped this would help me understand it better. However, this modern day retelling made it more difficult for me to understand. It was hard to follow the changes in media and when words were replaced with emojis, which was common, it disrupted my reading and distracted me.

It is worth noting that I was not a fan of Shakespeare to begin with, and I am a very avid and experienced reader. This book may better appeal to readers who already know and enjoy the story, and want a cute retelling. It could also help reluctant or learning readers and give them a fun introduction to traditionally difficult reading. This book has the potential to be perfect for many readers, but it’s not for me.

-Emily McClaughry

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