Fast Facts

Author: Tod Olson

Genre: Non-Fiction

Recommended for: Middle readers, fans of non-fiction and people who are interested in World War 2 and Planes used in war.

Date Published: October 2016

Rating: 4/5

This book is about a plane which ditched into the sea after the attack on pearl harbor, when the crew decided to go to Australia through the shipping route but has to make an emergency landing into the Pacific Ocean because of the loss of gas fuel. The team needs to make sure that the colonels get to their destination as quickly as possible, because of the fact they are in the middle of the war. If they land safely then they will be left with little to no food and water, and be far away from any type of populated city. With minimal supplies, will the crew get help and find a way to survive this death defying journey?

I really enjoyed this book because of the twists and turns and all of the great detail that Tod Olson gives. I love the way Olson makes you feel like you are stranded with the crew. Olson describes how hard it is to be in a survival mindset which is something I thought was unique about this book. This is a good choice for middle grade readers interested in the war in the Pacific who may not be quite ready for “Unbroken.”

It’s important to note that I have a place in my heart for the nonfiction genre which is one of the reasons I enjoyed this book. I would recommend this book to people who have an interest in World War 2 or build model airplanes for fun.


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