Fast Facts:

  • Author:  Jodi Lynn Anderson
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Rating:
  • Publishing Date: 11/3/15

My Diary from the Edge of the World by Jodi Lynn Anderson is a novel following the excursions of Gracie Lockwood, a twelve-year-old girl living in a mystical world parallel to our own, but with one big difference, magical creatures have roamed the continents for all of history. Dragons roam the skies with Delta aircrafts and giants occasionally step on an Applebees, but the mystical creatures and the humans have coexisted for as long as Gracie can remember.

Then an object called a Dark Cloud comes to find Gracie’s little brother, Sam. This would mean he is taken away, so Gracie’s family is forced to find their way to the Extraordinary World which is suspiciously close in design to our own.

My Diary from the Edge of the World contains themes of growing up, seeing beauty in the smallest of things, and protecting the ones you love at all costs. The diary format of the book is one of the most redeeming qualities of it. The reader is able to experience things from the firsthand account of Gracie and she is real and witty. This book is recommended for people of all ages, but readers looking specifically for a non-challenging format with insightful content and symbolism will find themselves whisked away by the delights of My Diary from the Edge of the World


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