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"If you will protest courageously, and yet with dignity and Christian love, when the history books are written in future generations, the historians will have to pause and say, There lived a great people-a black people-who injected new meaning and dignity into the veins of civilization."

—Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-68) African-American reverend, civil rights leader


40th Anniversary Events & Activities

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As we move into our 40th year of library service to Washington County, we're celebrating in many ways. Join us! Read more about how YOU can participate...

Upcoming Events

Sat., Sept. 20 - 40th Anniversary Celebration


Join the celebration this summer & fall:

  • 40 Years Book Bag and MugCanine friend modeling his new Cedar Mill Anniversary Shirt - get yours at CafePress!Enter our Artistic Bookend Contest. Open to all ages, prizes will be awarded. Enter Aug. 25 thru Sept. 5. Donated bookends will be auctioned Sept. 20. 
  • Share your personal library story. 
  • Display your 1970’s auto(s) on Sept. 20. Contact Peter at or call 503-644-0043 ext. 110.
  • Donate clothing/accessories from the 1970's to use on a mannequin or live model. Please bring items to our Second Edition Resale Shop - be sure to leave the items with the store manager and let her know they are for the anniversary celebration.
  • Purchase a 40th Anniversary book bag or coffee mug at the library check-out desk. Bags are $3, mugs are $5. All proceeds benefit the library. Want our anniversary logo on a teeshirt or something else? See more at our CafePress online shop!
  • Listen to our latest Oral History Podcast - Lori Buffington.

Library History Project - Learn about the history of your library. The library’s digital and oral history preservation project preserves documents and memories from your community library’s four decades of service in Washington County. Special features of the program include:

Past Events & Activities:

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - 40 Years of Service - April 9, 2014.

Star Wars Day - May 4, 2014.



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