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  • still from the film My King

Film Club: My King (France)

My King (Mon Roi), Cedar Mill Film Club’s selection for April, opens with Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot), flying down a ski slope somewhere in the breathtaking [...]

Film Club: The Story of the Weeping Camel (Mongolia)

The official March selection for CML Film Club was slated to be Second Coming, a film from the United Kingdom exploring a family's response to an [...]

  • Schneider vs Bax

Film Club: Schneider vs. Bax (Netherlands)

What is it about witty sociopaths that we find so irresistible in crime thrillers? If you enjoyed Pulp Fiction and Fargo, you’ll find Schneider vs [...]

  • Literary Songs

Literary Songs

Have you ever heard a song and thought that the story sounded familiar? Or read a book and a tune popped into your head? Many [...]

Film Club: Men Go To Battle (U.S.A.)

I really looked forward to watching and writing about this month's Film Club feature, Men Go To Battle. Now that I find myself here at my [...]

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