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  • Schneider vs Bax

Film Club: Schneider vs. Bax (Netherlands)

What is it about witty sociopaths that we find so irresistible in crime thrillers? If you enjoyed Pulp Fiction and Fargo, you’ll find Schneider vs [...]

  • Literary Songs

Literary Songs

Have you ever heard a song and thought that the story sounded familiar? Or read a book and a tune popped into your head? Many [...]

Film Club: Men Go To Battle (U.S.A.)

I really looked forward to watching and writing about this month's Film Club feature, Men Go To Battle. Now that I find myself here at my [...]

Library Rhythm/Drum Circle

You're invited to join the library's Feel the Rhythm Community Drum Circle. Develop your rhythmic abilities while strengthening the group as a whole. Come join [...]

  • 2016 classical music CD covers

New Classical Music for the new year

We have several new CDs in our classical music section that represent some of the best recordings from 2016.  Take a look and place a [...]

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