Felines of New York“A lot of people think we hate Mondays, but that’s a dangerous stereotype reinforced by the media. We actually have no idea what day it is.” – Charlie from Bed-Stuy makes his feelings known in Felines of New York

Blog Cat here! What have I been up to, you ask? Sleeping. I do a lot of sleeping. I’ve known mousers and let me tell you, I’m no mouser. I can, however, fall asleep with the best of them. Lately, on the rare occasion I’m awake, I’ve been padding around the Big Apple with a paw and a dream – collecting the oral histories of my pals in the urban jungle. Transcribing is really hard when you don’t have opposable thumbs, and I can’t carry a camera, so I’ve been forced to rely on humans to do all the grunt work.

This new litter box book – err, I mean coffee table book Felines of New York collects all of my hard work (oh, and the humans’ too, I guess). Meet Loretta, who wants to be a musician because she’s great at walking across electronic equipment. Or Vance, who was CEO of a Fortune 500 company before they found out he was a cat. There’s Orange, who’s in the heavily competitive field of walking around and lying on stuff, plus many more of my friends making up this rich Eastern Seaboard tapestry of, uh… cats.

“I like being a little mysterious. I don’t mind admitting that. If you show your cards right away, then what reason does anyone have to stick around and figure you out? Throw a wild paw every so often, keep ’em guessing.” – Phyllis from Williamsburg

Check out Felines of New York from us today!

-Blog Cat