Photography: The Definitive Visual HistoryThe pinhole in a camera obscura, the blue steel iris of an 80-200mm zoom lens snapping open, scattered light falling on a digital camera’s full-frame sensor. The history of photography is one of technological and sociological change and the advancement of art and culture, a mirror held up to ourselves to tease out meaning.

Photography: The Definitive Visual History, an oversized overview of the form from DK Publishing, traces its development from nineteenth century cyanotypes and daguerreotypes, through the rise of high-speed 35mm film and the eventually disruptive shift to digital photography. Giant full-color pages help illustrate basic concepts as well as assist in understanding specific elements of iconic photographs. Learn about the artistic tension between the objective impulse and a subjective one! See how the 80-200mm zoom lens, the Brownie and Edwin Land’s Polaroid SX-70 all democratized the snapshot!

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