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  • book cover of zeroboxer

Teens can get Zeroboxer book and see author Fonda Lee

August 18, 2016|0 Comments

Get a free copy of Zeroboxer this September while supplies last. We are giving away free copies of Zeroboxer in September to 20 local teens.  [...]

  • fire ant

It’s a Weird, Wild, (and Gross!) World

August 15, 2016|0 Comments

Masters of Disguise, Zombie Makers, and When Lunch Fights Back by Rebecca Johnson are full of “WOW!” moments. A bug that builds a corpse pyramid of ants on its back as olfactory camouflage! A chick that mimics the wriggle of a poisonous caterpillar until it gets the all clear from mom!

  • COSMOS: The Infographic Book of Space

COSMOS: The Infographic Book of Space

August 8, 2016|0 Comments

Dig science? Like space? Admire clean graphic design? Enjoy pithy infographics that nutshellize complex concepts? Well, do we have the book for you! COSMOS: The Infographic [...]

  • Vegetarian Cookbooks

Inspiring Vegetarian Cookbooks

August 2, 2016|1 Comment

Whether you're a vegetarian looking for the next best cookbook, or just want to spice up your meals with something new, here are some great [...]

  • mermaid

The Perfect Summer Read

July 20, 2016|0 Comments

I’m not into “beach reads” or “summer reads.” The seasons have very little influence when it comes to choosing the novel I’ll read next. Furthermore, [...]

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