book with heart-shaped pagesInterlibrary loan: Are you familiar with the term? Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service in which libraries lend books, movies, music, articles, and more to other libraries. It opens up a literal nation of libraries to each and every user. Every month Cedar Mill Community Library borrows hundreds of items from libraries across the country.
You can learn more on our website or by talking with a staff member.

If however, you are familiar with interlibrary loan, you may have noticed a recent change to the ILL webpage. Whereas users were previously directed to the WorldCat database, now they select a pickup library before the redirect. The change is simple enough, but it may require an update to previously saved bookmarks or favorited links. The current web-address for accessing WorldCat and submitting ILL requests is: Save it, use it, and the nation of libraries is at your fingertips!