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Recent Expansion News

2303, 2017

Bethany Expansion Update March 2017

On March 22, the Bethany Library held a community meeting at Laurel Parc to share information and an update on the status of the branch expansion.  Over 45 community members attended the event, [...]

103, 2017

Bethany Expansion Meeting March 22

A public meeting to update our community on plans for the Bethany Library expansion will be held on Wednesday, March 22 at 7 PM in the Laurel Parc Theater located at 15850 NW Central Drive. [...]

1305, 2016

Bethany Expansion Update May 2016

Future location of the Bethany Library - corner of Bethany Blvd. and Central Drive The library has hired FFA Architecture and Design to refine plans and prepare drawings and cost estimates for the [...]

In 2013, the Cedar Mill Community Library Association (CMCLA) signed a letter of intent to lease additional space in the next phase of development in Central Bethany called the Plaza at Bethany Village located near the Bethany Athletic Club, Laurel Parc and the new West Parc Apartments. Construction on the Plaza at Bethany Village could begin in 2018, with library space ready by 2020.

The existing Bethany Library occupies approximately 4,600 square feet and houses a collection of over 55,000 items. The new Plaza at Bethany Village development would provide 10,000 square feet of space for the library. A larger library space would accommodate more chairs, tables, books, media, computers, programming space and a meeting room.

The library worked with FFA Architects to prepare a floor plan, rendering and cost estimates. At this planning stage, cost estimates to build out library space in this new development are approximately $2 million. There would also be additional leasing and operational costs. Since Bethany and Cedar Mill Libraries are outside city boundaries there is no public funding available for library buildings in our area. The solution to the community’s library space shortage depends on the private developer’s schedule and private support from community members. This will be one of the biggest projects ever taken on by the growing Bethany community. To learn more and get on the list for updates, stop by the Bethany Library or send an email to