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  • Artificial Intelligence

Intelligently written Artificial Intelligence: The Imperial Radch

February 10, 2016|1 Comment

I recently finished Ann Leckie's debut science fiction trilogy "The Imperial Radch" series, and I'm here to recommend it to the rest of you.  In [...]

  • Broken Circle Breakdown cover

The Broken Circle Breakdown

February 6, 2016|Comments Off on The Broken Circle Breakdown

The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012),  is by far the most emotional and heart-breaking story of two people you’ll ever watch.  Elise, played by Veerle Baetens, [...]

  • Steins;Gate The Complete Series

Anime Watch: Open the Steins;Gate

February 2, 2016|Comments Off on Anime Watch: Open the Steins;Gate

Set in the geek paradise of Tokyo's Akihabara district, 2011 anime series Steins;Gate follows the misfortunes of Okarin Rintaro, amateur inventor, part-time madman and full-time Lab Member 001 of the Future Gadget Laboratory.

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